Will Professional Baseball Be Returning to Hawaii?

We Want To Hear From You!

Aloha, baseball fans!

We, too, are baseball fans who love Hawaii. We were so impressed with what Bob Young and Hawaii Baseball did for the state and professional baseball that we have gathered our resources and begun the journey to bring back professional baseball to the Islands. We hope you will join with us.

Confucius say “Long journey starts with first small step.”

And, so, we begin and take that initial step. Our goal is to bring back minor-league baseball to every island in the state with our own Hawaii Baseball League. It will be international in scope, joining with our friends in Japan, and reaching into other countries in Asia. We hope to invest in infrastructure and build new stadiums and playing fields for all of the people of Hawaii. Along with baseball, we will develop entertainment and commercial attractions that complement our sport attractions for everyone to enjoy.

Our mission statement is clear: build and develop a first-class minor-league baseball league in the great State of Hawaii with new stadiums, facilities and playing fields for multiple sports, along with complimentary entertainment attractions for everyone, dedicated to our players and fans.

We have gathered together an impressive executive team to begin this endeavor. Let us know how you might wish to participate, either as a team member, employee, investor, fan or supporter. Please give us your thoughts about what we should do or what we should not do. What you would like to see and what you want it all to be. After all, our teams will be your public treasure. We are but the custodians for the people of Hawaii so your feed-back and support is essential and most welcome. Without it, we cannot succeed.

And, so we begin with our websites revised along and our new Hawaii Baseball League store. We invite you to browse through and buy your favorite gear and support your favorite home team.

We look forward to working with you to throw out the first pitch in the 2020 season.


Are You A Fan?

Please tell us how you feel about bringing professional baseball back to Hawaii. Can’t wait for your the start of the season? You can order branded merchandise in our online store.

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